Prevu3D is a Montreal-based company that reimagines the way we experience physical spaces.

Founded by mechanical engineers looking to improve their practices, Prevu3D offers a unique solution to the challenge of operating large indoor and outdoor spaces through a simple—yet powerful—collaborative 3D software.

Prevu3D’s software was designed with ease of use in mind, providing users with an intuitive interface to create, edit, and share interactive 3D models based on real-life environments.

Prevu3D’s solution yields a multitude of concrete benefits across various uses. From ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned in their vision about end results to identifying issues otherwise undetectable by conventional 2D CAD design, Prevu3D helps clients optimize their environments, saving them precious time and money along the way.

Today, Prevu3D’s solution is used in various industries, such as the port and marine industry, manufacturing, architecture, and construction.