PreVu3D provides a state-of-the-art software solution, leveraging the benefits of 3D scanning technologies by delivering an intuitive yet powerful solution that helps engineers, stakeholders and project managers improve their practices and collaboration in multiple industry verticals.


Technical information

Navigation modes Freeview (fly), First Person, Third Person
Vehicles Forklift, Buggy
Supported import format for 3D object import .obj , .fbx, .iges, .igs, .step, .stp, .dxf
Supported export format for extracted 3D models .obj, .fbx, .dxf
Measure tool Lines, surfaces and volumes measurements
Mesh cutting tool Cutting & extracting up to 1 500 000 triangles out of the initial environment at one time
Documentation References, pdf, excel, videos, external links, 360 photos
VR Support HTC Vive (Oculus Rift coming soon)
Languages English, French
Units Metric (m) & Imperial (ft)
Maximum space size Supports large scanned areas like airports, ports, etc. (max 500M of triangles)
Supported operating system and platforms Windows (Mac OS X & Web Browser coming soon)
Minimal computer specifications Intel Core i3 - 4Gb RAM - Intel HD Graphics 520
Recommended computer specifications Intel Core i5 - 8Gb RAM - GTX 970 or better

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