Virtual Asset Management Made Easy

Weathering global disruption

Globalization has never played such an important role as it does today. Interconnectivity has driven the world to rely on highly coordinated global supply chains, which has generated an unprecedented flow of goods and services internationally. All this has been complicated by the recent COVID-19 outbreak, which is forcing manufacturing companies to redesign their internal production lines while working from home as much as possible. Whether the task of asset management is overseen by an operations team that is in charge of the facility’s documentation or an outsource company using cutting-edge technology like 3D scanners (lidar) or Matterport (photogrammetry), their ability to virtually manage facilities has never been so important.

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Part of the added value that Prevu3D offers is the possibility to generate mesh with point cloud and manipulate the environment virtually. Most people who use point cloud are specialized technicians or engineers, leaving the administration with little technical decision-making power, but with Prevu3D, users don’t need to be on site or technically savvy—administrators can contribute to the workflow from the comfort of their home and centralize information with both the engineer and the on-site operators. Prevu3D users can pick a point in the plant and conduct accurate measurements (if it comes off a lidar output) with relative ease. They can walk around a plant that is more immersive then Matterport and, most importantly, they can manipulate the environment.

Lower costs and quicker decision making

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›› The Value of automated point cloud to mesh

Global pandemic aside, the bigger your organization is the longer it takes to finalize a solution. The chain of internal bureaucracy can hinder important decisions that can cost millions of dollars. In today’s volatile economy, solutions like Prevu3D make it easy to make decisions at all levels and allow the decision makers to conceptualize their options. This is an amazing added value for service providers’ clients as well, and could be the differentiating solution that wins contracts. Just consider the cost of continuous travel to your facility. Many operational managers or final decision makers require multiple trips to the plant in question. This increased decision-making time, cost of transportation and greater uncertainty are compounding factors that disrupt the supply chain and can incur more loss to an organization that requires manufacturing or production.

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Since the globalized economy is so interconnected, team collaboration is essential to maximize operational efficiency. This age of digitalization and disruption requires a platform that allows all parties to collaborate while simultaneously having everything available offline. Not only is Prevu3D’s solution quite flexible—as all components can be either in the cloud or on a local hard drive—but it also horizontalizes decision making and empowers a team-based effort. That’s the beauty of Prevu3D.

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