Pros and Cons of Visualization and Modelling Software

Pros and Cons of Visualization and Modelling Software

There’s a time and place for visualization and modelling software. Sometimes we get carried away with the pyrotechnics and end up with an empty product that was not really necessary. How do you know if you really need it? Here are some of the pros and cons of using visualization and modelling software for day-to-day operations.

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The cons:

There’s no “why.”

Sometimes, something aesthetically appealing can be empty when you dig below the surface. Reality capture technology or modelling software needs to serve a specific utility or else it becomes a glorified virtual tour. That’s why, when an individual is looking for visual technology, they need to have a general idea of how this can help their operations or at least understand the problem in their job site.

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Not understanding the difference could cost you big.

Visual technology and modelling software can be confusing, and it’s important to distinguish what you’re looking for. If the user needs a photo-realistic tour to document the facility, why not use photogrammetry? If they need to use point cloud in order to disassemble, create floor plans or create mesh models (like Prevu3D), why not use lidar? This is important because if you misdiagnose what solution you require, it can add additional costs and hinder your workflow.

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It’s harder than it looks.

Modelling solutions and visual technology are as much an art as a science. The degree of creativity required in order to capture a facility properly using lidar-based solutions is beyond a simple point and scan. It requires special training and a comprehensive understanding of post-processing software. Anyone who wants to embrace modelling software and visualization in their operations needs to be prepared to wait and be very clear on what they want. Almost anything is possible using imaging technology—all you need is the specifics!

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The pros:

A new cutting-edge solution for facility and asset management.

Many CMS tools rely on a stats sheet with diagnostics and sensory data. However, there is an emerging trend to associate the sensory data with the machine. Many organizations are shifting into the reality capture world in order to create digital twins and navigate/evaluate their facilities from anywhere. An example of asset management is a wear-and-tear analysis in which you’re able to create extensive documentation of the physical integrity of specific machinery parts. With this information, you can create a 3D-printed replacement piece using modelling software, which can save the company money and time.

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It’s flexible.

Almost anything is possible when you have a clear understanding of a client’s wants and needs in the hands of a skilled reality capture operator. With the right equipment, the ability to visualize and model is unlimited and highly elastic. A skilled modeller will give you a clear picture of the time it will take and the possibilities that are available.

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It’s becoming easier to use.

Back in the day, modelling software used to have a designated operator just to read the information on a CAD. Now, companies like Prevu3D are trying to take a quantum leap to make it easier and less burdensome to the rest of the team. As modelling software becomes more sophisticated, so does the output and translation of information. This transforms a complex data set into a digestible diagnostic.

It’s already here.

The visualization technology already exists for many problems that you might think are unsolvable. As long as you have a clear view of the “why,” Prevu3D can help you with the “how.”