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The need to maximize the use of cloud information has never been more important. In the advent of the Internet of things, the digitalization of team communication is a must in any operational industry. Technical teams from an array of different specialties are now able to communicate on the same point within the same system. This is a major game changer for a number of reasons. Here are three of them.

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1. It saves money instantaneously

If an individual is working in an industrial food processing plant, the need for repeated verification—and therefore the need to document the plant’s infrastructure—is paramount. With platforms like Prevu3D that allow the combination of documentation and imaging technologies, teams are now able to collaborate successfully, which limits travel expenses and repeated site visits and allows the flexibility to cross-examine utilities.

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2. It allows you to decentralize power

One of the biggest obstacles to workflow optimization is the lack of cohesive information. Appropriate documentation in a worksite allows different teams from different specialties to converge on a single worksite, making it possible for different pairs of eyes with different perspectives, perceptions and responses to collaborate. All thanks to the evolution from a singular solution to a turnkey solution platform.

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3. The user-friendly interface is inclusive

Not all of us come from a technical background. In fact, many of the decision-makers may not even have an engineering degree, which is why Prevu3D’s platform is designed to allow people from various disciplines to understand and conceptualize their own infrastructure and verticalize their operations teams. An administrator no longer needs to call the process engineer. With our platform, an administrator, a bookkeeper, and an engineer can all be on the same page with the same goal in mind.

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