How Modern Point Cloud Management Can Help You Through the Crisis

How Modern Point Cloud Management Can Help You Through the Crisis

In this period of uncertainty, it can be tempting to hold on to the status quo and stick to the familiar, but that’s bad business even at the best of times. Companies that cling to what they consider safe and familiar practices may not be positioned to respond effectively to disruptions in their supply chain, communication, or cash flow. If anything, now is the time to embrace change and invest in modern solutions.

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Many businesses have no choice in the matter. Industrial plants, for example, remain open due to their essential status and have been forced to adapt their operational workflow, change equipment, update their documentation process and manage their facilities virtually—and they need the right tools to do this effectively.

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One of the key tools in their arsenal is point cloud technology. The need to capture point cloud has never been greater. Devices such as 3D laser scanners produce point clouds that serve as a critical resource for the engineers on and off site in order to formulate floor plans, models and so much more. This data set is crucial for improvements to facilities and decision-making.

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The only problem is that point clouds are extremely heavy in terms of size and processing. Day after day, many engineers are facing the same problems of managing large point cloud data sets and delivering them to their teams. Furthermore, fundamental tools such as floor plans and models take time to create. A skilled technician or service provider can take days or weeks processing large data sets, which can fundamentally hinder the organization’s production and workflow and prevent it from responding quickly to the crisis.

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Adaptation in times of economic uncertainty requires speed: speed in creating a plan and speed in execution. Due to this change and the wave of creative destruction that is upon us, organizations must be able to handle large quantities of information such as point clouds and convert them into understandable, digestible, and easy-to-use tools fast. A few months ago, we were talking about speed as a way to be competitive. Now we need speed in order to survive. It’s a feature that new technologies need to be able to deliver.

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In order for all members of a business to be on the same page, raw data needs to be made understandable and shareable. If we continue in traditional methods of information distribution, the size and speed of the information will be too large and too slow for organizations to react effectively, putting their organization at the absolute mercy of the market.

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In other words, point cloud is a must for any organization looking to reshape its workplace, but the method of processing the point cloud also matters—you need a platform that provides speed. That’s why Prevu3D provides light and visually understandable point clouds to enable facilities to make snap decisions in their production line. Using cutting edge technology that converts point clouds to mesh, the weight and processing power is minimized to get straight to the point, so to speak. By cutting out the carpentry work that many point cloud handlers must do, we directly convert your cloud into a simple EXE, which reduces delivery time substantially.

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The solution to managing point clouds in our modern era is not to revert to the status quo with a long consistent timeline. Instead, the aim should be to embrace new tools that don’t reinvent your wheel but enhance it. Adaptive technologies like Prevu3D allow users to collaborate and understand where the future of their business lies, starting from the truest digitized representation of your facility—your point cloud.

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