5 Things You Should Be Able to Do With Your 3D Plan

5 Things You Should Be Able to Do With Your 3D Plan

When we think of a facility’s floor plan, we think of static objects. That’s because we’ve been sold on the idea that our current physical space will not change or will remain the same for an extensive period of time, which is rarely the case. As the economic disruption caused by COVID-19 progresses, so will the interior design of our facilities. Production lines will be forced to adjust or calibrate their output based on their medium- to long-term financial goals. Innovators will need to use up-to-date technology to maximize their Lean and Kaizen. In short, the status quo is no more. Reality is forcing us to rethink old ways of doing things, and it all starts with our static floor plans. 

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The floor plan is the alpha and omega of your facility. It’s an opportunity for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to decision making and rethinking your operations. When looking for a more dynamic floor plan platform, you want to make sure it has all the features that will allow you to make the most of this tool. With that in mind, here are five things you should be able to do with your floor plan.

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Visualize it

Let’s face it: not everyone understands a floor plan, let alone AutoCAD. There are basic requirements and formal training to make sense of technical documentation. This tends to lead to a decentralization of decision-making and reliance on a segment of the operational workforce that may not have the macro objectives in mind. That’s why 3D floor plans have been gaining popularity throughout the market. Companies like Prevu3D are able to create something called a digital twin that allows viewers to instantly understand their floor plans. 

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Communicate offline

Communication is important, but so is privacy. Many organizations, in particular industrial ones, don’t allow online applications or floor plan collaboration tools because of industrial espionage, which means many cloud-based platforms are immediately off the table. The bigger the company is, the bigger the demand for offline. That’s why certain companies like Prevu3D have designed their platforms to have an offline capability geared towards these situations. Our system can run completely on your own local hard drive and allows you to share amongst your close colleagues. If it’s your 3D floor plan, it belongs to you, not to the cloud.

3D floor plans should be able to run on almost any computer

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One of the biggest downsides of using 3D floor plans is that most platforms require an expensive and powerful PC. This is another drawback that limits vertical collaboration in decision-making processes. In order to avoid this problem, many 3D floor plan designers and readers put their system on the cloud, which can go against organizational policy. That’s why Prevu3D has created different options based on the performance level of computers.

You should be able to manipulate your space

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What is the ultimate expectation of a floor plan? The answer is simple: to change the layout of the floor plan. Whether that’s introducing new equipment into the job site or realigning your current worksite to maximize space, floor plans are crucial to the decision-making process. Many, if not most, 3D floor plan platforms don’t allow you to redesign your workspace on the fly. That’s because the concept of a floor plan is static, and this static functionality is embedded in the design. If you have a 3D floor plan and you can’t manipulate your workspace, then it essentially becomes a glorified 3D tour and decreases the capacity for optimizing workflows and improving decision-making processes.

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You should be able to try it prior to purchase

There’s nothing more suspicious than an expensive piece of equipment or software that doesn’t allow you to test the waters before jumping in. It’s one thing to see impressive technical commercials or videos, but it’s another thing to be allowed and encouraged to use the platform itself in order to envision it in your own operational workflow. 3D floor plans are innovative but not divorced from the current way of doing things. We’re confident that if you give our trial demo with Prevu3D a shot, you’ll immediately find a utility for this powerful platform in your day-to-day operations. In order to reach a flexible and lean production output, you have to use the right software in the right place. If you want to try out our platform for free, just click here.

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