The art of innovation at PreVu3D is about delivering easy-to-use virtual staging tools where imagined and real worlds collide.


Control everything within your walls. Capture a photorealistic 3D models of your environment.

  • Digitize your environment 
  • High-definition coloured 3D point cloud of your environment
  • Compatible with large data capture

Measure & Document

Go beyond static 3D imagery. Improve operational effectiveness by making your information actionable with contextual documentation and measurements.

  • Extract geometrical information on the surface model
  • Take quick measurements on the go
  • Add annotations, references, contact information, documentation and 360° pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of an interactive and collaborative 3D environment?


Imagine what you could do with your space: rearrange it, import new equipment, expand your business
  • Create multiple what-if layout scenarios
  • Import new components into the 3D environment
  • Evaluate circulation flows with third-person walk-through simulation and forklift mode

Compatible with


Allow everyone to see and understand the project environment without having to be physically present.

  • The software interface is simple and intuitive so that all stakeholders can use it and instantly contribute to project success 
  • Limit travel costs and CO2 emissions associated with on-site visits
  • Boost employee efficiency and satisfaction
  • Fully integrate other value chain stakeholders into your decision-making processes