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How else can PreVu impact your business?
Leverage your scanning services

What if you could do more with your digitized 3D space?

Get a lot more than imagery. Interact with the digital twin of the installation, virtually walk though it, add comments and documents, measure it.

Attract investors and clients
What if you brought an interactive 3D model of your project at your next investor or client meeting?

3D modelisation of space transpires as a high-tech and performing organisation.

3D models allows transparency and better upward management.
Lowering your CO2 emissions in the organization operations can increase your attractiveness for investors of green funds and your loan spreads.
Space promotion
What if you were exploring different locations for a special project?
Scenarize your storyboard in the digitized location
Share with other stakeholders for them to see your vision from the comfort of their offices
Improve your Return on Investment

It’s all about Efficiency
Risk-control • Collaboration • Innovation • Sustainability