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Optimize your floor plan

Our proprietary technology allows you to move, add or delete machinery and equipment throughout your existing plant layout.
Make space for your new plant configuration

· Easily remove machinery from your floor plan
· Create new layouts

Import new equipement from cad catalogs

· Easily import CAD & 3D models in your environment
· Try equipment before you buy it - test & validate fitting scenarios
· Detect clashes and approve clearance

Minimise project cost & risk

· Explore, identify, analyze and mitigate the risks that can affect your project
· Reduce downstream risk during project planning

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Communicate & collaborate

Bring all stakeholders together around an accurate 3D digital twin of your space, accessible from the comfort of their own office.
Access & share your digital twin

· Easily involve multiple stakeholders for improved decision making
· Communicate your project details with all stakeholders through a single file.

Improve decision making

· Limit misunderstanding & facilitate problem-solving strategies with your employees


· Get exposure and better inform your suppliers and clients of the details of your premises

Document and take decisions

Your plant is at the heart of your business.
Visualize and analyse

· Visualize and analyze the reality of your space
· Take quick measurements on the go


· Contextualize maintenance protocol & flag issues
· Organize equipment spec sheets
· Attach videos, photos, and any other file

Make decisions

· Access detailed, critical data to make actionable decisions
· Contextualized documentation in the right spot, at the right moment

Freight & transport infrastructure

Plan & Optimize

Take advantage of our tools to optimize project planning, assessment and execution
Digitize your space

· Obtain a digital twin of the entirety of your environment
· Accurately measure, stage and reorganize your space

Simulate & Annotate

· Simulate training scenarios or stage ships, cranes, etc.
· Contextualized annotations, issue flagging & general documentation

Present & Collaborate

· Efficiently present environment with annotations and measurements
· Keep departments up to date with layouts and protocols

Management made easy

Utilize a bird's eye view to leverage management efforts
Collectively plan and simulate

· Collaborate on planification to minimize joint effort
· Increase efficiency of analysis and comprehension efforts

Correction and optimization

· Identify issues and bottlenecks
· Organize spec sheets and adaptively assign responsibilities

Train and equip

· Minimize costs by simulating scenarios and response protocols
· Equip collaborators with accurately documented tools

Broaden your reach

Share your environment with valued stakeholders and clients alike
Share your vision

· Easily share your environment to chosen parties
· Expose your vision to peers and stakeholders

Expand your horizons

· Open yourself to new markets and opportunities
· Increase your value to potential clients or investors

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