Release ideas
from the constraints
of physical limits

PreVu3DTM revolutionizes how engineering concepts are created and communicated, from the mind to a virtual space.

Bolster efficiency

OptimiZe what you already know about your operations and deliver actionable information.

1. Match tasks to skills
Repurpose valuable engineering time towards process optimization and other high-value tasks.

2. Improve communication – save precious time
3D environments are a great way to quickly explain clear and precise instructions. Align all stakeholders on the same end-results.

3. Cut out the excess
Limit travel expenses related to on-site visits by sharing interactive 3D spaces

4. Train and develop employees
Your people are your company. Promote cross-departmental collaborations in your business ecosystem.

5. Embrace Telecommuting
Prevu3DTM provides employees with access to the 3D model of the plant from anywheress

Gain risk control

Understand errors in existing projects and quickly resolve outstanding issues.

Reduce project costs by aligning the vision of all stakeholders vision on the same end result

Prevu3DTM interactive 3D model will allow you to:

  • Simulate space reorganization
  • Add or remove specific objects
  • Test circulation flows
  • Perform inventory control
  • Generate different what-if (hypothetical) scenarios


Allowing for the identification of errors and omissions before they occur. Other benefits include:

  • Save money with pre-execution virtual simulations
  • Improve your safety assessments
  • Integrate maintenance best practices with contextual documentation
Improve collaboration

Empower stakeholders to interact and contribute.

Strengthen teamwork by giving all parties access to see, understand and interact with the environment, thereby combining their contribution to the success of your project. Additionally,
  • Facilitate off-site training
  • Provide contextual and pertinent information
  • Improve equipment supplier communication with a 3D model used for fitting scenarios and precise measurement information
  • Amalgamate and contribute the views of other department’s when making strategic decisions
Engineers, plant owners and other stakeholders now have a way to explore the environment and quickly access all the details without having to leave their desk

Embrace innovation

Benefit from all the latest reality capture technologies to optimize your operations, communications and collaborations.

Take a leap forward into a truly infinite and boundless virtual space, where the usual physical limitations of cost, accessibility and personal capability no longer apply to experiences.

PreVu3DTM is:

1. Powerful

  • Computing large data-set into a light single executable file
  • Virtual assets import functionalities to create multiple staged scenarios.

2. Democratic

  • Fully stand-alone software – No Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software required
  • Accessible with entry-level computers
  • No license required
  • Provides an intuitive interface, making it accessible to everyone

Reduce your carbon footprint

Streamline process performance and reduce waste and business travel.

Using the PreVu3DTM tool significantly reduces the back-and-forth commute required to physically access the project space, saving time, money and CO2 emissions

– Calculate how limiting travels can reduce your carbon print

Kaizen 4.0

Reorganize your floor plan in minutes.

Make incremental improvements to reap major enhancements and achieve transformation. Anything is possible with this drag-and-drop plant builder. No engineering or design skills required.

  • Start with your existing layout
  • Move assets around, paste in new elements and cut out the obsolete ones.
  • Reorganize your space to look exactly the way you want.

Implement and create opportunities for the future of your business.